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Are you currently embarking on a journey of healing and not sure where to start? Sometimes we can identify a need for resolution and not feel fully sure what it is we are trying to resolve. It is understandable to become overwhelmed trying to figure out what to work through, in what order, and how to do so in a way that realistically works for us. I recognize how overwhelming and confusing this part of the journey can be, which motivates me to take a supportive and direct approach as a therapist in order to help you understand yourself and be able to move forward with confidence.

I encourage my clients to focus on the healing that can be done right now with what you already have in mind, body and spirit. As a holistic therapist trained in a powerful Breathwork technique, I believe that physical and emotional symptoms manifest as messages from the body for deeper healing work to be done.

While emotional challenges can feel burdensome, I am committed to helping you view obstacles through a lens of wellness and acceptance rather than one of illness and resistance. I am passionate about helping you enhance your mind-body connection in order to respond to your inner experience, relationships and environment with more openness and curiosity.

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