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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

I specialize in providing individual and couples therapy for police, sheriff, fire, paramedic, and all of our amazing 9-1-1 professionals, but I am opening up space for those men who are not in the emergency responder professions. As the son of a USMC WWII / Korean War veteran, I am passionate about giving our military professionals world class care and I want to provide the same for you! Looking for a down-to-earth, fun, and yet compassionate counselor? I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Anxiety, depression, anger, stress, season of life changes, divorce, separation, pornography / substance addictions, and loneliness are some of the things that many people struggle with. I'm passionate about helping adults learn new and healthy ways to heal, live a vibrant life, and to thrive. Don’t suffer in silence. It takes courage to be vulnerable and I make it super easy for you to contact me.



Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #74183
Supervised by Alisa Duclos-Robinson, PhD #PSY20363