At ADR Wellness, we offer a variety of body health and nutrition options. Because both mind and body wellness is our goal, we provide a full range of nourishing and healing options.



Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapist has 25 years of experience using a variety of advanced techniques including Neuromuscular Technique, Active Release(ART), Muscle Energy (MET), and Myofascial Release.


Breathwork is a therapeutic activity used by many individuals to release emotions and increase healing. It provides an opportunity to focus on the breath and quiet the mind in order to open and move through somatic (bodily) sensations taking place.

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Cravings and Connections

In this group you will learn to:

- Explore your relationship with food, your body and your emotions

- Connect with your body's cues, discover how blood sugar impacts cravings, and learn how to tap into your body's innate wisdom

- Learn how digestion works and understand how stress impacts gut health

- Create a plan with actionable steps to have a healthier relationship with food and eliminate toxins from your body 

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Wellness Reset

In This Group You Will Learn How To:

- Reset your metabolism for healthy weight

- Manage Stress and Sleep Better Naturally

- Stabilize Your Blood Sugar and Boost Your Mood

- Improve your digestion and gut health

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