Breathwork is a therapeutic activity used by many individuals to release emotions and increase healing. It provides an opportunity to focus on the breath and quiet the mind in order to open and move through somatic (bodily) sensations taking place. Breathwork pulls from concepts of mindfulness, somatic experiencing and body psychotherapy. During the exercise, you will be guided to redirect your attention from thinking and resisting, to feeling and accepting. There is growing research to show that breathwork can be an effective supplemental tool for the treatment of symptoms related to depression, anxiety, trauma and emotional pain.

This powerful pranayama technique is used to help clear stuck energy throughout the body, enhance our mind-body connection and deepen our awareness of our feelings. Some commonly reported effects of this activity are relaxation, deepened intuition, intense emotional releases and physical pain reduction, with experiences varying from person to person and from one session to the next. You might notice fleeting pain or pulsations of energy in areas where you have old injuries or are holding onto painful feelings or memories. You will be encouraged to breathe into and through any discomfort with acceptance and release any overwhelming emotions that arise without suppressing them. Throughout this process, individuals are often able to heal old wounds and feel more relaxed and present.

Breathwork works very well in conjuction with individual talk therapy, EMDR, art therapy, self-reflection, and other therapeutic techniques, and can help facilitate the emotional healing process.

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